a2b electric bike cell Replacement Service

a2b electric bike cell Replacement Service

A2B Battery Cell Replacement Service

Send us your A2B e-bike battery and let us repair, upgrade, and replace the cells to get it running better than new!
We can rebuild all a2b batteries , metro , octave, shima, alva +, peak, ride , edge/
We use the high power cells from SAMSUNG

Samsung INR18650-35E 3450mAh - 10A

, great cells to make a high power battery stronger than you old battery and with big capacity .

A2B OCTAVE - METRO - HYBRID 26"    ------------- CAPACITY 17.4AH

We can take care of most A2B models including the Metro, Speed, Velociti, Octave, Ferber, Kuo+, and Shima to name a few.
We can generally upgrade either the main or secondary battery up to 36V 21Ah giving you almost 60% more range!

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